What can MBA Architects do for you?

MBA Architects is providing pool and spa owners with state compliance for the Virginia Graeme Baker Act with quality, service, and competitive pricing, including volume discounts.  We are in the business to help owners comply and keep people safe, not take advantage of a federal requirement, by charging clients with overpriced fees. MBA understands that this is an unplanned expense and is looking for the best possible economic option for owners and your pool.

MBA Architects understand the codes and requirements surrounding the Pool safety act. We realize that there are many different types of pools and that each one individually has its own set of solutions.  We look at information such as: drain size, sump size, location, pipe sizes, pump sizes, flow requirements and price, and use this in our process of evaluating the best option for the pool. MBA knows that some pools may need to do nothing, others may need only a cover change, and certain pools may need a whole new system.

This is MBA’s five step process toward compliance:

  1. Due Diligence. MBA Architects will listen to the owners’ needs, educate the owners on the process of complying with VGBA, and come up with an individual plan for their pool’s compliance. We will provide the owner with a letter of intent for any governing body to review at any time during the process and collect all available existing plan information regarding your pool.

  2. Plan and Site verification. MBA Architects will complete a Site Survey. We won’t “guess” at what needs to be done from a set of old plans. We will come out to your establishment and verify the actual site conditions saving the owner money by not paying for unnecessary work, or paying extra money due to unexpected field conditions.

  3. Pre-Design approval. MBA Architects will make a list of deficiencies based on our research, and come up with all options and budget numbers for your pool/spa. We understand that your pool is an investment and we will coordinate with you to select the safest, most economical, and long term option for your pool/spa.

  4. Compliance Documents. MBA Architects will complete a compliant set of plans based on the owner’s approval. MBA will submit all the required paperwork to the Department of Commerce, schedule an appointment for review, and contact the owner when the Conditional Plan Approval is achieved. Upon receiving Conditional Plan Approval, MBA will send the owner a copy of the plans for their records and bidding distribution.

  5. Construction Administration. MBA Architects will work with your pool provider. We are not tied to any contractor or pool company. MBA will help coordinate the completion of the project with the contractor chosen by the owner. If the owner has no contractor, MBA can assist in finding a quality contractor for the owner. MBA will help coordinate the necessary inspections and complete the final Certificate of Compliance to the owner upon final completion.

MBA Architects is has been in business since 1971 serving clients not only in Wisconsin, but all over the nation. We have established a reputation of doing quality work at a fair price and we are looking forward to building relationships with you now, and in the future. Please browse our website to see all of the services we provide. Whether you are a Hotel, School, Resort or water attraction, we can assist you with all of your architectural needs. Call us at (608) 785-2760 or email office@mba-architects.com